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In PHP language I create most of my projects because it offers excellent possibilities and is a perfect choice for web development. I also have Zend Certified Engineer certificate and therefore I try to be up-to-date with this technology. Below You will find a list of my implemented projects - I didn't put there projects that are under development and those ones that weren't finished or implemented.
Petromatic Manager
IPC Petromatic
Central system for gas station monitoring and management. This system makes use of Petromatic automation controllers installed on gas stations to collect data necessary to monitor and management of group / single gas station. Main functions are:

central management of gas station groups (user defined)
monitoring and logging specific events
gathering, processing and analysis of all fuel regarding data provided by foreword controllers such as sales, delivery or fuel price change
events and financial reports

My duties:
preparing of system project based on specified requirements
creating system code and database
cooperation with hardware section while creating all communication protocols
system maintenance and new functions development
Community portal designed particularly for experts from any specialization. System allows to define profile focused on abilities, asking questions to existing experts using extended discussion interface, ratings, projects etc. Our portal is a 'knowledge management' solution attempt.

My duties:
preparing initial technical system draft according to specified requirements
whole system and database development
system launch
application maintenance and new features development

IPC Petromatic
Cental intranet solution for client, software and hardware solution management for IPC Petromatic company. Built-in reporting allows to quick and effective client-base and solution managment.

My duties:
preparing system guidelines
creating of system code and database
system maintenance and new function development
Mercedes Benz Competite
Web application developed for Mercedes Benz in Holland. It offers an order and sales register, the division of users into dealers and salesmen, the pool system to which salesmen are assigned, trends presentation, salesmen rankings and so on.

Ny duties:
creating custom CMS system and database according to project requirements
creating an backend admin panel to manage site (content, orders, dealers, salesmen, poules etc)
system implementation

System is not publicly available.

Licence Management Center
IPC Service
Software licence management system developed for Computerland S.A. company. It allows to fully manage clients, site locations, licences, licence and activation keys, remote software activation via internet, reports, clients pages etc.

My duties:
part of core development team while creating project draft and communication protocols specifications
database design
system development
development of custom communication servers for data exchange with licensed software applications

System is not publicly available.

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