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Java is a modern programming language and it is a perfect choice for big projects. Support of international software companies makes Java a widely accepted technology and it is a key choice for enterprise solutions development.
CRM wizja.net
CRM wizja.net is my first serious Java project. This CRM solution is designed for middle busines, but its design allows for almost unlimited system customization towards clients requirements. Technically speaking - this is advanced software solution working on Linux/Windows driven by PostgreSQL or MS SQL Server databases.

My duties:
core development team member
creating new system modules, mainly system ones such as multithreaded automatic tasks driven by singleton pattern servlet, database connection pool, user views based on XML definition files or auto generated price lists based on custom user created rules and mych more.
working tightly with clients while application optimization process

TicTacToe Java applet made for my Java exam. The graphics was made by Rafał Kwaśny. It offers only standard 3x3 playfield size so this AI simply can't loose ;)

Small Java applet game made for my Java exam. It is based on classic Pong game.


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