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C/C++ language is the base for modern programming languages such as Java and c#. C/C++ is a perfect tool for development of games, robust applications and various utilities. Below I present only a few projects made in C/C++.
Degen is my engineer's degree project. It is simple (almost 30 commands) script language aimed for development of multimedia presentations. This project was developed using DJGPP compiler together with Allegro, MikMod and AllegTTF libraries. This project is dated on 1999 and thus - created as DOS32/protected mode application.

Degen specs:
works in vga/svga modes with utilization of VBE 2.0 (flat mode) where available
displaying static images in designated areas of screen
playing FLI / FLC animations in designated areas of screen
displaying text strings with usage of TTF fonts with some kinds of formatting and effects such as e.g. displaying letter by letter
playing music modules in popular formats such as .mod, .xm, .s3m)
script event synchronisation with played music

Maybe i will make a port of Degen to Win32 somewhere in time.

Harin is a game and fortune-telling software for children developed for Windows in C language (MinGW compiler). It contains packed animations, 16 bit graphics and moody indian-style music.

My duties:
make agreement with client regarding game design and physics
choosing and apprpriate technology and libraries for this project
application development
graphics optimization
creating an installer application using Nullsoft Install System (NSIS)

This is my study exam project for C++ class. The project requirement was to find and present on-screen longest possible move in draughts game with checkers set by user. This game works as DOS32/protected mode application and uses high resolution graphics (VBE 2.0 where available).

Project specs:
hi resolution graphics
specjal custom composed music module


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