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In the 90's 6502 processor was used widely in 8bit computers - mainly Commodore 64 and Atari XL/XE. My first computer was Commodore 64 and I developed all the below software during secondary school. Programming in 6502 machine language gave me an opportunity to learn how to optimize code for slow processors (1 MHz), how to write cycle exact routines, how to deal with small amount of memory and big amounts of data using run-time compression, how to write low level graphics code and how it all works together.
C64 demos
Main activity on demo-scene was creation of demonstration programs (so called 'demos') that showed group's abilities. While working with my group, Agony Design, I was responsible for most of the code in demos we have released. Main Agony Design demos were:

Love - 1st place on Puke4x4 Party (1995)
Pain - 1st place on Menhir Party (1995)
Kredki - 1st place on Fatum Party (1994)
Sandały Jetboya - 1st place on Spring Meeting Party (1994)
Technological Snow - 2nd place on Elysium&Antia Party (1993)
DickShake - 3rd place on Asphyxia Party (1993)
Twilight of the Gods - 4th place on Elysium&Antia Party (1993)

C64 games
I started to develop games on C64 when the game market was becoming dominated by Amiga computers and PC clones were more and more powerful. Despite this, we have created four games for C64. All of them were sold to distributors:

Arthema - our best and last game. Unfortunelly, despite the fact that publisher has bought the game from us, this game was never released. We hope to be able to release it in some form in future. This game was created under label of the best polish C64 game development team - Inflexion Development.
Coldiarus - it is an extended version of Minesweeper game. Good graphics, music, difficulty levels, top scores list and more. Game was developed under german dev team brand - Bad Bytes, and sold to a German distributor.
Timtris - game made in a very short time for custom order of our polish distributor. It was a Tetris clone with nice graphics, music and difficulty levels. Game was created under Agony Design label.
Later - our first game. Overall playability and graphics is not so outstanding, but still it is playable. This game contains over 30 different levels.

C64 intros
Intros are short programmes that were shown before starting another tool or game. Good intro has to take as small amount of memory as possible and should look nice. I was fascinated by creating intros for Commodore 64. I have created 34 of them for Agony Design and other groups. I'm also co-creator of world's biggest C64 intro website - intros.c64.org.

C64 other products
Working on computer scene is not only creating demos and intros. Graphicians are creating graphics collections, musicians - music collections and coders have to prepare outfit code that drives them. The same applies to scene magazines that were relesed by almost every group (we had 3 our magazines : polish "Astoria" and english "Metamorphosis" and "Swap time"). Moreover, every programmer (coder) was creating some utilities.


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