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Present activities

For over 4 years I have been focused on web development because the specifics of internet development, it's wide availablity and flexibility fullfill my needs. Additionally, big and sophisticated projects give me a boost of satisfaction. For internet development I prefer PHP5 language with package of custom developed clasess and external packages such as Smarty or Pear. For over a year I was developing web applications using Java language, working in dev team on advanced CRM solution. Recently I've been creating ASP 2.0 project (C# / MS SQL Server 2005) and in my opinion this technology is very promising. Obviously, for other purposes I use other languages such as C/C++.

I'm trying to stay up-to-date with actual trends and technology advencement in web development area (eg. ASP.NET, Web 2.0, Python, XUL, Ruby on Rails) and security issues related to web development. I'm trying to keep my applications functional and secure.

Meanwhile, I was also working with other technologies such as Siemens STEP5 / Siemens WinCC for industrial automation solutions.


My journey with software development has started in secondary school when my parents bought me a Commodore 64 computer. When I got bored with computer games I became interested in so-called 'demo scene' products. Gradually, I started to learn 6502 processor machine code language. Then I chose Druid nick to identify myself on scene and with some friends I started Agony Design group. In 3 years our group became one of the best scene groups in the world. In our best times we had over 20 top scene designers in our ranks. Being a leader and main coder (programmer) in Agony Design, I got experience in team based project management and got used to working under time pressure. Meanwhile I was a member of several international well known scene groups, but my primary group has always been Agony Design.

The consecutive step connected with my C64 programming was entering commercial computer game market. Altogether I coded and successfully sold 4 games. I was also a member of best polish game development team - Inflexion Development and german - Bad Bytes.

At the end of my secondary school I needed to do my diploma work and my parents bought me a decent class PC (at that time). As the diploma deadline was short I quickly learned x86 assembler and I coded a school presentation fully in machine language. Nowadays it looks very poor but 10 years ago - it was quite an achievement for me.

Then I learnt other programming languages such as Pascal (with object based Turbo Vision) and C. During my studies I wrote several exam software projects in C and Java.

My engineer diploma thesis was a simple script language - Degen to make multimedia presentation created in C++ (DJGPP compiler). It allows to show pictures, animations, text, sync content with sound etc.


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